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Safe Winter Driving reminder

Middleton School District Parents,

I wanted to reach out and share some information regarding how we as a district have approached our current weather conditions and what we plan to do moving forward, together with Caldwell Transportation.

First and foremost, I want to make it clear that as a school district, on days where road conditions require more time to arrive safely to school, we will not be marking students who arrive late, tardy because of those conditions.  However, if a student is known to have already been at school prior to bells ringing, that student may still be marked tardy.  We do not want parents/students rushing to get to school and creating unsafe conditions for themselves or others on mornings when roads are slippery or otherwise dangerous. 

Second, we totally support the efforts of Caldwell Transportation to get your students to school safely.  As a result, there are times when busses will be late, both in picking up students at their designated bus stops, and in dropping them off at school.  I recognize that this will sometimes cause concern for parents who are waiting to get to work or other appointments.  However, I feel that the alternative, forcing busses to move more quickly along road conditions that require a slower speed, is not something we can encourage and we would ask for your patience in these situations. 

Finally, there are situations, beyond being just a few minutes late, where communication to families would definitely be a helpful consideration.  For instance, if a bus were to get stuck on a road and require assistance to get out, that may cause a significant delay, both for students on the bus and for those waiting later in the route.  To that end, the district will be working on a system whereby we can notify parents of students on specific bus routes if there will be a significant delay.  This is not something that will be accomplished quickly, but we will keep parents apprised of the final procedure.

Overall, our first concern is getting students to school safely, whether they are being transported by bus, being driven by a parent, or driving themselves.  As we continue through this winter, we are certainly grateful for the moisture knowing that it has such a tremendous impact on so many throughout our community.  We will do our best to avoid creating unsafe situations for our students and ask for your patience as we do so.

Thank you and please feel free to reach out if you have additional concerns.


Marc C. Gee


Middleton School District