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Middleton trustees set salary range as they prepare to hire new superintendent

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Applications for the upcoming open superintendent’s position are due by February 19th, Middleton School District Board Chairman Kirk Adams said Monday night. 

Trustees heard from the Idaho School Board Association Monday night, learning there have been inquiries and some applications already submitted, but the majority come in during the last week.  

Superintendent Kristin Beck, who stepped into the role as superintendent in July 2020, told the trustees in January that she plans to return as Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources at the beginning of the new fiscal year, July 1.

Trustees voted 4-0, with Aleisha McConkie absent, to set the salary range between $120,000 and $140,000. Beck’s contract for this year is $125,000. 

“We would negotiate it later but it would give us a starting point, and it would obviously 

depend on experience and everything else,” Adams said. “It gives us a range to start with, and it lets people know what our competitive range is for the application process.”

The ISBA representative told trustees that the $120,000 to $140,000 salary range is competitive for districts similar in size. 

Middleton’s graduation rate hits 88.2 percent

Adams shared recent news that Middleton’s graduation rate hits 88.2 percent, exceeding the state’s average of 82 percent and just behind Kuna and Emmett school districts. 

The district has seen incremental growth over five years. It’s not just a spike. It’s gradual, so we’re doing the right thing,” Adams said, explaining that it’s Middleton’s goal to ensure that all students receive a rigorous and engaging curriculum, preparing them for a college career and life. 

Adams complimented both the administrations at the High School and Academy for working together to help students and make sure they graduate.

“Congratulations to everybody at the high school and academy.”