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From the Desk of Mr. Hopkins

Dear Purple Sage Community,

Welcome back to Purple Sage for another awesome year! I am so pleased to see all of our returning students and to meet all of our new students. We are adding students daily and this is a testament to this amazing school and community, we should be proud that we are a destination for new families.

This year, we have introduced a new way to check on students and their readiness to learn when they arrive to school. We know that some of our students have had one or more adverse childhood experi-ences and may not be ready to learn or they might not always have everything that they need to be a successful student that day. We are asking them to let us know if they are ready to learn and if not, to tell us how we can help them get ready. To do this, we will ask them to show us their fist and if it is closed they are ready or in a “green” zone. If their fingers are wiggling and not in a tight fist, then they may need something to help them be ready and we will help them identify what that is. If their four fingers are up then that means they have “flipped their lid.” We will then work to help them get back to a “green brain” and ready to learn again. Here is a link to a video that your students have viewed, please feel free to talk to them about it and use this at home So far, it has been well received and students seem to really understand where they are concerning their readiness to learn as they walk into the building.

Attendance is also a huge roadblock to learning and can have an adverse effect on student morale and the classroom culture. It is difficult for a student to get into a groove if they are late or absent and that can create anxiety and frustration. This anxiety and frustration often manifests itself in the form of behavior that can be detrimental to the learning of others. I am asking for a concerted effort from eve-ryone to please have your children here on time and for as many days as possible. I promise that they will grow that much more.

I am also excited to have partnered with our Purple Sage PTA to bring you several choices for PSE “swag.” You can look online from now until August 30th at and see all of the new gear that has been designed for us and place your order at this online store. We will also be producing bumper stickers for student of the month and to simply show your Coyote pride around town. Thank you PTA!

Thank you as always for partnering with us to educate your students.

Mark Hopkins