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Safety and Emergency Information


Emergency Procedures and Communication

The Middleton School District understands that communication becomes a critical component for parents and guardians to ensure that they are comfortable about the District’s ability to keep their children safe. Please remember that Middleton School District has a comprehensive plan in place to address student and staff safety issues in the case of a school emergency or local disaster.

Here’s a few things to remember during an incident at your child’s school:

During a real emergency, the District will make every effort to contact parents/guardians directly or through the District’s Mass Notification system. Information will also be posted on the District website and social media accounts.

DO NOT CALL YOUR CHILD’S SCHOOL: The Principal or Assistant Principal at your child’s school will be busy handling issues and will not be answering the school phones. Often emergency procedures require evacuation of the buildings, and therefore office staff would not be available to answer the phones. In the case of a major incident, the District will contact parents/guardians with an update of the situation andcommunicate what parents/guardians need to do.

PLEASE LISTEN TO THE NEWS AND CHECK THE DISTRICT’S WEBSITE/SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS: The District will keep parents/guardians informed by posting information and updates regarding the emergency on the District’s website.

DO NOT CALL YOUR CHILD’S CELL PHONE DURING AN EMERGENCY: Text messages would be the best method to make contact.

DO BE ACCESSIBLE: The District or school sites will release information to those families affected by the incident. Please be sure to always have your emergency information updated.

DO NOT GO TO YOUR CHILD’S SCHOOL: When an incident occurs, the school needs to be able to have First Responder personnel (e.g. Fire, Police, Ambulances) have immediate access without traffic issues. When civilian traffic blocks the main traffic arteries around a school, it blocks the responders from handling the emergency situation.