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    2020-2021 LIBRARY CHANGES

    • The library is going mobile this year! Instead of coming to the library, Mrs. Nicholls will come to the students' ELA class with a book cart.


    • Because students will go directly to their 1st-period class, the library will not be open before school.
    • Students may come in after school until 4:05 to pick up reserved books. At this time, however, students will not be able to browse the library for books.
    • The library will be open during lunch; however, in order to allow for social distancing, the library will have limited passes during lunch periods for students. Students will need to get a library lunch pass PRIOR to lunch in order to come to the library. Students participating in library programs or book clubs will receive priority when it comes to lunch passes. For students not participating in organized library programs, passes will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis. 


    • Each student is allowed to check out 2 books at a time.
    • The books are due in 2 weeks.  
    • Returned books will be quarantined for 5 days prior to being checked in and made available for another student to check out.
    • The library does not charge fines for overdue books.  Books will still need to be renewed every two weeks, though. If after 30 days, the book is not renewed or returned, it will be marked as lost and the student will need to return or pay for the item.
    • Students may renew their book(s) as many times as they need to, so long as it is not on hold for another student. Books that are on hold will need to be turned in on their due date. A library aide will let you know if the book you'd like to renew is on hold for another student. 


    Instead of browsing books in the library, students will search the online catalog, Destiny, for books and place a hold on desired books.

    To place a hold on a book, click on the "Place a Book on Hold" tab to the left of this page. Then click on the provided link to request a book. Fill out the form completely. When the requested book is ready, Mrs. Nicholls will send you an email. Mrs. Nicholls will also deliver requested books to your ELA class during scheduled library class time. 

    Check out these quick links for accessing the school library catalog, finding your next book, or checking the Lexile level of your book:

    Destiny Library Catalog    


    What Should I Read Next?


     Lexile Levels


    1. Develop a lifelong love for reading
    2. Explore new ideas and information
    3. Examine and evaluate a variety of print and electronic information
    4. Understand different methods of communication
    5. Build self-confidence through reading and writing

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