Viking Service Award

  • If you want to make a difference in your world, Viking Service projects may be just what you’re looking for!

    In an effort to promote volunteerism among students throughout their years here, Middleton High School has developed the VIKING SERVICE AWARD. Upon completion of 100 hours of service, students will receive one elective credit, special graduation recognition and a transcript notation to show proof of service.

    Students who wish to become involved in this program will receive awards at three different levels according to their hours of involvement:

    The BRONZE AWARD is earned after a minimum of 30 approved hours of volunteer work have been served during the freshman and/or sophomore years. The student will receive this award at the end of the sophomore year.

    The SILVER AWARD requires that the student serve an ADDITIONAL minimum of 30 approved hours of volunteer work during the junior year – 60 hours total.

    The GOLD AWARD is given for the ADDITIONAL minimum of 40 approved hours of volunteer work during the student’s senior year – 100 hours total.


    All volunteer service projects shall be preapproved by the Advisor or will not qualify for the VIKING SERVICE AWARD.

    Volunteer service will be performed with a recognized non-profit agency or organization with which the student has had no prior relationship or membership. Services may not be for the benefit of family members.

    Middleton High School’s VIKING SERVICE AWARD hours are to be earned separately from any other service time for a class or other group project.

    NOT MORE THAN 10 hours may be derived FROM ANY ONE SOURCE per year. Parents or siblings are encouraged to work alongside the student.

    Students may perform projects independently or in pairs.

    Final submission date for recorded hours of service will be April 30th or the last school day in April.

    How to Participate: 

    1. Pick up a VIKING SERVICE AWARD instruction pamphlet and Approval Contract from the Advisor.
    2. Check the approved list of volunteer agencies and choose an activity that interests you and meets your needs.
    3. Contact the agency for actual volunteer instructions, types of activities, names of contact persons, and enough information to complete the Approval Contract.
    4. Turn in the completed pre-approval contract to the Advisor BEFORE beginning service hours.
    5. Perform your service time, keeping a time-log and signatures to show proof of service.
    6. When your project is complete, turn in all time-logs with signatures to the VSA Advisor
  • Taci Morris

    Taci Morris