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Degrees and Certifications:

Degree in Mathematics, Secondary Education

Mr. Kurt Simpson

My favorite teachers were excited about teaching.  Their attitude showed me that they wanted me to succeed.  When I decided to become a teacher I knew that I wanted to be one of those teachers.  I want students to come to class excited to learn and to leave knowing that they are learning.   I love working with the youth and want them to succeed. 

I see myself as a facilitator of knowledge. When I show a love of mathematics my students are more likely to stay engaged in what they are learning. Mathematics is a discipline that requires repetition to master and memorize.  There is a necessity for students to practice the concepts they are learning.  This will allow them to choose the correct method for solving problems and to persevere until they have solved the problem.  My classes are not only about memorizing mathematics, it is also about helping students learn resilience.  Often in math you can start solving a problem only to find out that you are using an incorrect or improper method.  My students are learning that they have peers, teachers, and parents available to them to help them troubleshoot the problem and try again.  
I love what I teach and want students to succeed in mathematics.  We are introducing a new math curriculum developed by CPM.  This is a hands on and group oriented approach to teaching mathematics.  I am really excited to use this new curriculum this year and even more excited to get my students involved in the math.  For more information about CPM and the research behind why it works visit about-cpm.   Math is an integral part of our lives and the problem solving skills that students are practicing will help them throughout their entire lives.  I also want them to succeed academically and have the confidence and skills necessary to thrive in the next mathematics course they take.
I recommend that all students have graph paper as well as a scientific calculator.  All students need to be willing to work hard to master the skills that they are studying.  All students need to be ready to work hard and to be a team player.  This is an amazing curriculum that we get to work with.  Let's make this the best year ever.