Tonya Dobbs

Phone: (208) 585-3251


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. Elementary and Special Education M.A. Literacy

Tonya Dobbs

My name is Tonya Dobbs, I have taught Special Education for the past 9 years at Middleton Middle School.  I have a B.A. in Elementary and Special Education, and a M.A. in Literacy all from Boise State University.  I am currently teaching Language Arts for grades 6-8.  I am currently a member of the Idaho Coaching Network Returning Teacher Program. I am learning new strategies to implement in my classroom. I am passionate about teaching students with disabilities. I believe that everyone can learn, but everyone is different in how and when they learn.

Not only do I bleed blue and orange, GO BRONCOS! but I have also considered myself a Viking for the past 40 years (shhh, don't let the kids know how old I am). I am proud to say that I attended the Middleton School District for grades K-12, and grew up by Hawthorne Park. I have enjoyed raising my kids in Middleton and love this great comunity that I call home. I have four children that are my life. Luke is 20 and entering the workforce. Ethen is a senior and Taiva and Lexia are both juniors this year.

In my free time (what free time?), I enjoy attending crossfit, kayaking, reading, and learning to fix broken things around the house. I make it my goal in life to be constantly improving. I set goals and aim to achieve them and when I do, I set a new goal and work on it. My current goal is to engage students in the learning process by providing authentic, real life learning experiences. I am also always learning new things from my students, to me they are the true teachers. 

I root for the Vikes, Broncos, San Francisco 49ers and San Francisco Giants, students enjoy giving me a hard time about these last two teams, but I enjoy the banter back and forth about who's team is better. The students at Middleton Middle School are the best!

 “Everyone you will ever meet, knows something you don’t!”

Bill Nye