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Dr. Josh Middleton

"Every Child Learning Every Day!"


Six years ago I had a house I needed to sell.  It was probably my least favorite house of all of the residences I had lived in as either a kid or an adult.  Situated on about a half an acre, the previous owner had a number of large number of large rock gardens throughout the yard.  I admittedly am not a "yard guy."  I, personally, do not find yard work and/or gardening relaxing or rewarding.  When it came time to sell, there were weeds in every garden growing among the large rocks.  I knew to ensure this house and property had curb appeal, the weeds had to go.  I went to the school's FFA Chapter and offered to give a generous donation if I could have some members pull weeds for me.  The day when about a half dozen members came to assist, it didn't take long before we realized that it was going to take forever to pull weeds by hand.  Shortly into the endeavor one FFA member came up to me and said, "Dr. M, I could get this done in no time if I could use a torch."  Of course, a propane torch!  He ran home, got his weed torch and in a couple of hours I had weed free rock gardens!

The idea of looking at and solving a problem in a different way is certainly nothing new, but when I saw all those weeds, my brain only saw one solution....pick by hand.  I like to think of myself as a problem solver, but in this situation, my own hang ups about yard work limited my ability to think outside the box.

I share this now because after spending a year assessing the Middleton School District, we will be needing to address challenges in the year and years ahead....and this type of work I find professionally and personally exciting and rewarding.  There will be curriculum updates, facility and enrollment challenges, accreditation work, and staff turnover all the while we are being good financial stewarts and keep our focus on the most important objective "Every Student Learning Every Day."

2017-18 is going to be an amazing year for our students, staff and community.  I look forward to partnering with our stakeholders to focus on our goal and addressing these challenges with solutions coming from different perspectives.

Have a great year!

Dr. M