Attendance Policy


    Students are expected to attend all assigned classes each day. Teachers are required to grade students daily with a bell ringer activity. In addition, the State of Idaho attendance standards require regular attendance of all youth until age 16. Middleton High School is a member of the AdvancEd Accreditation organization. This means that our attendance standards must be high enough to meet the qualifications of these associations.  A graduate from Middleton High School can enter a college, university, industrial, business or trade school with full value of high school credit.

    Any student who is absent from class more than six (6) days in any semester (this includes pre-arranged, verified and unverified absences) may lose credit in that class for the semester. Any absence(s) beyond the six (6) allowable absences per class, per semester, may result in no grade given (e.g., zero grade) for any assignment, exam, and/or participation points due or awarded on the date of the absence.  However, if extraordinary circumstances exist, then on a case-by-case basis, the principal or designee will have the authority to allow the award of a daily grade for any assignment, exam, or participation grade due or awarded on the date of the absence. 

    Extraordinary circumstances may include, but are not limited to, verified illness or other incapacitation, death in the family or death of close friends, and health care appointments. (This type of illness must be certified by a physician, professional provider, or clinic, stating the reason for absence and the exact days, which the student was absent for that illness.) Students who have lost a credit due in part or whole to more than six (6) days of absence in a semester may appeal the credit loss to the building Attendance Review Committee (ARC). The Attendance Review Committee may be comprised of a building administrator, attendance clerk, school counselor, or their designees.  Students who have been denied credit by the ARC, in part or whole due to exceeding the district’s attendance policy while enrolled in grades 9-12, may appeal, and must do so directly to the Board of Trustees, in writing and within ten (10) business days from the date of denial of credit.

    Absences for approved school-initiated activities (i.e. class field trips, athletic events/travel) shall not count toward the six (6) allowable days of absences per class per semester.

    Any student who misses more than thirty (30) minutes of any class period will be marked absent that period. All students must check in and out through the attendance office to verify arrival and departure times.  

    Because of the above standards and the fact that the school district receives a portion of its financial support from the total number of days attended by its pupils, the following rules have been formulated:

    1. Verified Absence:

    An absence is considered to be verified when parent/guardian have prior knowledge of the absence, have given their permission and have alerted the school.

    • Parent/guardian is asked to phone the school office (585-6657) on THE SAME DAY you are absent.
    • Written excuses should include: student's name, date of absence, and reason for the absence and must be submitted to the attendance secretary within two days of the absence.
    • Skylert (automated attendance system) upon the absence of a student will automatically contact the parent/guardian.
    • Schoolwork missed for the above reasons may be made up with full credit within a period of time not to exceed twice the time missed. i.e.: students will be allowed two school days for each day absent to complete assignments or tests, not to exceed 10 school days. Absences approved in advance should have the majority of work completed before the absence occurs by requesting a "pre-arranged absence" form from the attendance office.
    • It is the responsibility of students involved in activities to contact their respective teachers regarding assignments or tests and to complete them within the time frame outlined above.  Any assignment or test due the day of a school activity is due the following school day. In this instance the two (2) day rule does not apply.
    • Any absence(s) beyond the six (6) allowable absences per class, per semester, shall result in no grade given (e.g., zero grade) for any assignment, exam, and/or participation points due or awarded on the date of the absence.
    • All appointments beyond the six (6) allowable absences need to be verified and documented with a note from a physician, professional provider or clinic within two days beyond the sixth absence. The attendance office will compile a folder for notes and documentation for each student on a yearly basis.


    2. Truancy:

    It is against Idaho State law for a student to be truant from school. When a student is absent from any portion of a class or school day without the foreknowledge and approval of the principal or parent/guardian, the student is considered truant.

    The following rules relate to truancies and all students from grades nine (9) through twelve (12) will be subject to these regulations:

    • A student is to be allowed no more than two (2) truancies in grades 9-12 during the pupil’s high school career.
    • On the occasion of the student's first truancy, there is to be a conference between the student and the building level administration.  The parent(s) will be notified of the truancy and a conference with the parent(s) may be arranged.
    • If the truancy occurs a second time, the pupil may be suspended until such time        as he/she can return to school with the parent(s) for an administrative review     hearing. The building principal or designee will inform the parent(s) that a third truancy may necessitate an Administrative Review Hearing with the district Assistant Superintendent.
    • A student who is truant from school for a third time will be immediately suspended from school and the case referred to the Board of Trustees. A student may be reported to the Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney as a habitual truant. This will result in the student dealing with the Juvenile Probation Department and with the court system.
    • Any student who is truant from school will receive a "zero" in all classes missed. They may also be assigned to ISS (In-School-Suspension) or OSS (Out-of-School-Suspension).
    • Any truant pupil holding a student office or elected position will lose his/her position upon the occurrence of a second truancy.
    • Truants may earn additional consequences as specified in the School's discipline program.

    High School students may be suspended from school without notification of parent/guardian. The office staff will make every attempt to notify parent/guardian before suspending students in grades 9-12.  If parent/guardian is not available the student will be sent home or transported home by a school official or school resource office (SRO).

    3. Compulsory attendance laws of the State of Idaho (33-207):

    Procedure against parents or guardians -- Whenever it has been determined by the probate court of any county that the parents or guardians of any child between the ages of seven, as qualified in Section 33-202, and sixteen, are failing, neglecting, or refusing to place the child in school as provided in this chapter or to have the child comparably instructed, or knowingly have allowed a pupil to become a habitual truant, proceedings shall be brought against such parents or guardians under the provisions of the youth rehabilitation law.

    4. Special permits to leave the school grounds during school time:

    • If a student should become ill, he/she should be sent or report directly to the attendance office.
    • If a student must leave school or the school campus for any reason, they must obtain a permission to leave school from the attendance office. The procedure for excusing this type of absence is the same as any other absence (parents MUST call the attendance office at 585-6657).

    5. Pre-Arranged Absence:

    If a student needs to be absent from school for personal reasons (these include absences approved in advance) for two or more school days, he/she must obtain a "Pre-arranged Absence" form in the attendance office. Pre-Arranged absences count toward the six (6) allowable absences per semester (see attendance policy). Students are strongly encouraged to complete the "Pre-arranged Absence" form 24 hours in advance. The student should ask each teacher for assignments in advance, so they can complete a majority of their assignments before or during the absence.

    Records: The teacher's record will be the authorita­tive record in the event there is disagree­ment on a student's attendance.

     Student and Parent/Guardian Notification:  The par­ent/guardian will be notified by e-mail/mail when the student reach­es two (2) absences in one or more classes.  A sec­ond noti­fication will be sent when a student reaches four (4) absences in one or more classes.  A third notifi­ca­tion will be sent when a student reaches six (6) absences.