• Advanced Opportunity Funding

    Each student in Idaho public schools has been assigned a state-funded account with $4,625 available to them. Students may use these funds for online, advanced placement, or dual credit classes.  Whether your student takes the college path or a career-focused path, this account can assist the student in obtaining an associate's degree, utilizing CTE (career and technical education) opportunities, and paying for certifications and tests necessary to pursue a career in their chosen field.  For more information, please visit www.sde.idaho.gov  and click on Advanced Opportunities.


    Start preparing by learning about all the opportunities available to your child. 

    IDLA and Advanced Opportunities

    It’s never too early to start!

    Idaho Digital Learning Alliance (IDLA) provides online classes and works with students to prepare them for a smooth transition toward their chosen path after high school. Whether pursuing a college degree or entering into a career or trade, online classes are offered for middle and high school students. Students are provided various options from unique electives, Advanced Placement (AP), and Dual Credit (DC), which lead students to industry certificates or a full Associate's Degree program at an Idaho college or university. Dual credit courses are approved through Idaho colleges and universities and advanced placement courses are approved by the College Board. Through these advanced opportunities, students can simultaneously earn high school and undergraduate credits.  Dual credit classes are offered at the high school level.

    As early as the summer after the completion of sixth grade, middle school students can start taking high school credits to facilitate obtaining an associate's degree by the time they complete high school.  Taking credits early can facilitate the student having more opportunities in their schedules in high school to take dual credit classes.  More information can be found at www.idahodigitallearning.org