• graphic shows how more houses drops tax burden

    MSD Trustees unanimously approve $59,435,000 bond election for August 30th

    The Middleton Board of Trustees is asking Middleton patrons to approve a bond proposal for three projects. Read the resolution here:  Bond Election Resolution Calling a Special Election for the Proposition of Issuing General Obligation School Bonds of the District. 

    Marc Gee HeadshotFrom Superintendent Marc Gee:

    When creating a bond measure in an economy like ours, we also plan for cost escalation as products and services increase during the process.  The recommended cost escalation factor is 10%, which would come to $5,403,046.

    This would create a total proposed cost of $59,435,000 for the bonds.

    Currently, district patrons pay $161 dollars per $100,000 dollars of taxable property (after the Homeowners Exemption is calculated) for our school bonds. With the amount of growth occurring in our district, the expected cost per $100,000, initially would range from $140-160 per one hundred thousand, and that amount would be expected to decrease over time as the growth in our community continues. 

    We have several graphics that illustrate what happens if the bond passes by the required two-thirds majority vote. See those below. 

    This is a sizable request for the community, and requires that we, as a district, be as open and transparent as we can be.  To help provide information, we will hold meetings, send out information and answer your questions. We encourage all to be a part of the process and ask questions.  If you would like to host a cottage meeting or have any other questions, please contact me at mgee@msd134.org.

  • Voting information

    Here are the polling locations. You must vote in your designated precinct. 

      • Notus Community Center 
      • LDS Old Hwy 30 
      • LDS Lansing Lan 
      • Middleton Middle School 
      • LDS Willis 
      • O’Connor Fieldhouse 

    Not sure what precinct you live in? Visit this link: https://maps.canyonco.org/arcgisportal/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=952aebc49c7a484fb11eb1150ca6cfea

    Who is eligible to vote? Middleton School District residents who are aged 18 or older on August 30th, 2022,  Election Day, and are registered voters. 

    • How do I register to vote?  If you have moved or are not registered, you will need to register at the polling location on Election Day. You will need one of the following: 
      • A valid Idaho driver's license issued through the Department of Transportation
      • A valid Idaho identification card issued through the Department of Transportation
      • Any document which contains a valid address in the precinct together with a picture identification card
      • Students may also use a current valid student identification card from a post-secondary educational institution in Idaho accompanied with a current student fee statement that contains the student’s valid address in the precinct together with a picture identification card.
    • Can I vote early? Yes, through 5 pm, Friday, August 26th, between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm at the Canyon County Elections Office, 1102 E. Chicago St. Caldwell. 
    • Absentee ballots, if you requested one before the deadline, must be returned to the Canyon County Elections Office, 1102 E. Chicago St., Caldwell, by 8 pm  Tuesday, August 30th. 

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