Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Lorri Brenneman

Hello, I am excited to work with your students in the arts across grades 6 - 8.  In the arts students have the opportunity to experiment using many different art mediums, and tie in art from across our world.  Your students will research and explore the arts through many different genres, cultures, and time periods as well. Using their research, students will then create art.  In all grades, working in the arts develops critical thinking skills as the arts allow students to visualize an idea, and then step by step create their visions.  I look forward to meeting parents, and appreciate when you make time to come to the classroom.  Hope to see you soon.

Late work policy: please note turning your work in on time is very beneficial to you as you will lose 20 points per day on any assignment turned in late.  If you have excused absences you will have 2 days to make up your work once you are back at school.