Welcome to PSE Library/Media Center

  • We believe that children have the right to make their own book choices according to their individual interests and preferences. The selection of books for our library is done carefully and professionally, keeping in mind the ages, abilities and interests of the student population and with the use of reputable review sources.  Parents should take an interest in their children's library books, read with them if appropriate, and let them know why you agree with their choices . . . or not.

    Classes and Check Out   Classes come to the library every four days for lessons and check out. Daily open check out:  7:50-8:15 AM and 2:30-2:50 PM, except Wednesday afternoon.

    Students may check out two books. All books are expected to come back to the library every week, either to renew or return.  All books must be returned before a new book may be checked out.

    Responsibility   Students are taught how to properly care for a book. Please help them at home by reminding them to keep their library book in their backpack to keep it safe and ready for library day. Ziplock bags are recommended to protect books. "Books and backpacks are buddies!" Parents/guardians are responsible for lost or damaged books.

    Book Fair    The Library hosts a book fair during parent-teacher conferences. All profit benefits the library. We have been able to add to our collection because of the support we get from you during the book fair. Thank you so much!