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  • November 6, 2018


  • Lunch Menus


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  • See Something, Say Something


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  • District Tournament Prices

    At district tournaments the SIC only recognizes the following passes: IDHSAA, SIC, and United
    Dairy (Dairy West) cards.

    School ID cards and School issued passes will not be accepted.

    District Tournament Prices:
    Adults $6.00
    Student without
    Activity Card $6.00
    Student with
    Activity Card $4.00
    Seniors and
    Elementary $3.00

    ** No outside athletic balls allowed
    ** No outside food or drink allowed


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  • Construction on State Highway 44 Canal Crossing in Middleton begins in late September

    The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) will begin construction of a new canal crossing at State Highway 44 between 1st Avenue and Dewey Avenue in late September

    The existing canal crossing is deteriorated and needs to be replaced to maintain safety and mobility for Middleton residents and the traveling public.

    ITD will build the project in stages to reduce impacts to motorists. One lane of traffic in each direction will be maintained during construction and access to local businesses will remain open.

    Here’s what to expect in the next few weeks:

    Late-September – Mid-October

    Crews remove sidewalk on north side of State Highway 44 and place temporary pavement
    Traffic shifts to the north
    Work occurs on the south side of State Highway 44


    Demolition of the existing crossing as soon as the canal is dry
    The project is scheduled to be complete in mid-spring 2019.

    ITD will continue to update the public about the project. If you have questions, please email: Jennifer.gonzalez@itd.idaho.gov or call 208.334.8938. 


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  • After Varsity Football Game Plan

    This is our after Varsity Football plan to help carts get out of the parking lot better. 


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  •  2018-2019 School Calendar

    2018-2019 School Calendar


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  • Athletic Season Passes are now available to purchase!


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Arena Scheduling



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MHS Student Spotlight

  • Megan Snow

    We want to begin to spotlight students who excel in the classroom and have exceptional character. Every few weeks a new student will be spotlighted for the qualities that make them unique. In our first Student Spotlight, we meet Megan Snow. Megan Snow is a 2018 graduate of Middleton High School, but that is not where the story ends. Please share this post on social media or via email to spread the word about the type of students that our community is made of. I want to also thank Megan's family for allowing us to tell her story.

    Before attending Middleton High School, Megan attended Vision Charter School. Vision Charter emphasized a rigorous academic environment but did not provide opportunities to compete in athletics. And, school policy prevented her to attend school at Vision and compete in athletics elsewhere.

    In eighth grade, Megan was inspired by her sister Keely, who was a senior at the time and was one of the first students in Idaho to obtain an associate's degree and high school diploma in her senior year. "My sister Keely was my inspiration to attempt to earn my associate's degree." Unfortunately, when I was going into my freshman year, I had to choose between getting an associate's degree through Vision Charter High School or participating in Athletics at Middleton High School.

    Megan eventually decided to attend Middleton High School. By choosing MHS, she was able to compete in athletics and still take all the dual credit classes offered at Middleton. Megan is an exceptional young lady who excelled in both academics and athletics. During her junior year, she noticed that MHS was beginning to offer more classes as Dual Credit. With her mom's help, she researched the possibility of earning her associates degree, as her sister had four years prior. "I was so excited I took on a full schedule at the high school along with an overload course online for dual credit. I also took an online course directly through CWI". Megan's work ethic is beyond reproach and an example of what is possible when a student puts their mind to challenging themselves in each area. Megan completed an all dual credit schedule during her junior and senior year except for yearbook, which she serves as a student leader.

    What is most impressive about this young lady is she recognizes the support she had to accomplish this unique and remarkable accomplishment. "Overall, I had a lot of support through this entire time. My family was so supportive of everything I was doing and understood when I was overloaded with coursework. It was an amazing journey, and I have never been more proud of something I have completed".

    Megan Snow is an excellent example of what can happen when a student, with family and school support, is motivated to challenge themselves in high school. With the advent of Dual Credit Advanced Opportunities through the state legislature, our students at Middleton School District can thrive. Megan is the type of student that we will spotlight as she represents the characteristics that we admire as a school community.

    Congratulations Megan, I look forward to hearing about your future pursuits and accomplishments. You have set an excellent example for others to follow.

    Megan Snow

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