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Curriculum & Assessment


Department Overview

The Department of Curriculum and Assessment is responsible for envisioning, planning, and directing the implementation of a broad range of areas, including: curriculum and instruction, assessment, strategic planning, professional learning, and the integration of technology and innovative educational initiatives.

The responsibilities of this work include:

  • Revising and aligning district curriculum to new and existing Idaho standards
  • Coordinating the implementation of research-based curriculum and instructional practices
  • Organizing and delivering professional learning for teachers and support staff
  • Creating program models to support the needs of all learners
  • Providing leadership roles to district committees
  • Supporting the implementation of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and technology initiatives: district determined measures, framework and curriculum implementation, state assessments, and 21st century learning expectations


Paige Goodson

Paige Goodson
Director of Curriculum and Assessment

Lisa Hamlin headshot

Mrs. Lisa Hamlin
Department Technical Assistant

The Middleton School District Instructional Specialist Team encompasses more than 100 years of combined teaching experience. The team is comprised of teachers who possess a wide range of experience, strengths, and skills that will provide a K-12 support structure. The Instructional Specialist team will provide instructional support and professional development to all instructional, administrative, and support staff.

Kelly Cooke headshot

Kelly Cooke
Instructional Specialist

Gretchen Smith
Instructional Specialist

Jelena Maxwell Headshot

Jelena Maxwell
Instructional Specialist

Sarah Thompson headshot

Sarah Thompson
Instructional Specialist

Dory Reed Headshot

Dory Reed
Instructional Specialist