MSD Instructional Specialists Team

  • The Middleton School District Instructional Specialist Team encompasses 106 years of combined teaching experience. The team is comprised of teachers who possess a wide range of experience, strengths, and skills that will provide a K-12 support structure. The Instructional Specialist team will provide instructional support and professional development to all instructional, administrative, and support staff.

  • Kelly Cooke

    Kelly Cooke is a teacher with 21 years of teaching experience, the last 11 occurring at Middleton High School. She holds her Master’s Degree in Literacy (K-12) with an emphasis in technology integration. She is in her third year as a member of the Idaho Coaching Network. Kelly has served the district in several leadership capacities to transform learning through high-quality professional development for teachers and students. Kelly’s background in literacy as well as her strengths-based approach will allow her to support colleagues as a feedback friend. She is a genuine asset to the team.

  • Sarah Thompson

    Sarah Thompson’s 25 years of middle school teaching experience epitomizes the growth mindset and thinking partner mantra. She is a Boise State Writing Project Fellow and is in her third year of the Idaho Coaching Network (Idaho Core) administered through the Idaho State Department of Education. Sarah has served as a Technology Integration Specialist and led the middle school to implement its 1:1 laptop program in 2017. Sarah’s never-ending desire to grow herself and grow others is the compass that guides her interactions with colleagues and students.


    Kelly Stauffer

    Kelly Stauffer has 18 years of teaching experience, from elementary to high school. She brings a dynamic strength to the team because of her leadership in the vertical alignment of the K-12 PE curriculum. She is a true leader and teacher advocate with her work on MCHAT and the district-wide wellness program. She has her M.Ed. in Athletic Coaching and Administration. Her coaching abilities extend far beyond the classroom or the track field as she is able to relate to teachers of all grade levels and backgrounds

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    Kim Brocke’s 26 years of elementary background includes 12 years of teaching fourth and fifth grade students at Heights Elementary. Kim’s passion and talents are demonstrated by her work with the Boise State Writing Project as a teacher consultant. She has worked with teachers as thinking partners from around the state. Kim is excited and honored to work on behalf of colleagues in Middleton as a thinking partner to support the needs of fellow teachers.