• Houston, we have a problem!


    We want to read a good book.


    We want to take different classes.


    We want to explore new interests and activities.


    We want to make new friends.  


    We want to find out who we are.


    We want to work together.


    We want to reach our goals.  


    We want to learn to be a leader.


    We want to treat others with respect and dignity.


    We want to show we are true VIKES!

            Value Education






    Middle School Teaching Philosophy 

    I believe middle school is a place where students can find new interests, learn study and coping skills, explore ideas, become more independent, and discover what awaits for them in the future.   It is a stepping stone that gives students an opportunity to find out about themselves.  What do they like to do?  What classes do they want to take?  What opportunities are available for them?  What do they value in life?  As a teacher librarian, my goal is to help students explore many different paths.