As you are in final year of elementary school all other students will look up to you as an example, a role model, and a friend. I am so excited to share the journey of this coming school year with you.

    This year brings us all so many opportunities to grow and learn. We are all being challenged to have high expectations for ourselves. As your teacher, I will expect you to set goals for yourself and work very hard to reach them. I know that 5th grade can be hard; I am here for you.

    I promise to set high goals for myself as well. One goal that I have already is that your success as a student is of utmost importance to me. You have strengths that I hope to help you enhance and we all have things that can be improved. I assure you that no matter what your best subject is or whatever subject you have struggled with we will work together to get ready for middle school.

    Reaching your goals can be scary and sometimes frustrating. It takes a very long time to become an expert at something that you aren't so good at. In fact, scientists that study how people learn have proven that the only way to learn and get smarter is to attempt something new and work really, really hard at it over and over again . . . even if you make a lot of mistakes.




    Do not be afraid to try something because you think you won’t be good at it. Chances are, YOU WON’T! AND THAT IS GOOD! In order to be successful, you will need to make mistakes and learn from them. Easy is boring. Effort is what makes you smart. Even scientists say so.

    I am hard at work planning many exciting activities that we will be doing together. My goals are that the learning will be fun, interesting, challenging, and rewarding.  I also strive to teach each child as an individual, adjusting the assignments and work to meet you where you are currently so you can make progress and grow.

    I have some hints for you to be successful in 5th grade: ACCEPT CHALLENGES, MAKE MISTAKES, then be willing TO LEARN FROM THOSE MISTAKES. Most importantly, promise yourself you will NEVER GIVE UP AND TO KEEP TRYING. When it gets tough, as your teacher I promise to help you along the way.

    Parents: I am a firm believer that strong parent-teacher communication is essential in order to maximize student learning. You can visit our class website at: https://www.msd134.org/Page/393. If you wish to contact me directly you can call Purple Sage School at (208) 455-1148 and leave a message if I am unavailable. Or you can email dstacy@msd134.org. (Email is probably the best as I check my email often throughout the day, evenings, weekends, and vacations)

    Again, welcome to 5th grade. I am looking forward to meeting each of you and your families and working closely with you during the year! Let’s get to work!!

    Good Day!

    Mr. Stacy