Welcome to Middleton Viking Football



    Understanding The Family"(team) can only progress with the presence of LOVE and RESPECT, we commit ourselves to reaching our full potential (RYPF). We know that every action must be with the TEAM in mind, and unwavering loyalty to the TEAM must be built in, especially during the tough times.  Fun will prevail for all and there will be an absence of special privileges for the individual. WE KNOW that we " get as far as our work deserves."

    1. We are committed to growing mentally and physically; and we recognize that we are students first. and athletes second. We will personify CLASS and HUMILITY on and off the field.
    2. We seek to get better everyday and develop consistency through the relentless execution of fundamentals. We will always compete with the best to become the best. We will play with passion, and deserve to be the SIC FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS and STATE CHAMPIONS. We realize this can only be accomplished by extraordinary FOCUS, one step at·a time.
    3. We will respect the proud MIDDLETON tradition of the past. and will provide further greatness and tradition for the future. We will do so at all times, knowing it is our responsibility to serve as positive role models for the youth of our community. We will be class, the CLASS OF IDAHO SCHOOL FOOTBALL IN IDAHO.
    4. We accept the responsibility placed in our hands to further enhance the proud tradition of MIDDLETON FOOTBALL.


    • In school, be where you are supposed to be, doing what you are supposed to be doing, when you are supposed to be doing it. Obedience of the rules of the school will keep you out of any trouble.
    • Follow ALL rules of Middleton High School and their Athletic Code of Conduct. Violation of any of these rules will result in proper disciplinary.
    • Have discipline! Say NO to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and theft.
    • During Football season your priorities, in order are: 1. FAMILY 2. ACADEMICS 3. FOOTBALL
    • The morale of the team is more important than the individual. BE A TEAM PLAYER. 
    • Insubordination to a coach means dismissal from the team.
    • No player is to be in the coaches, office or equipment room unless accompanied by a coach.
    • If you miss practice, the Head Coach, must be notified in advance, and his approval for an excused absence is necessary.
    • One missed unexcused practice must be made up. The second unexcused absence may result in dismissal from the team.
    • Appearance is important. For safety reasons, hair must be out of your eyes and no jewelry is to be worn during practice and games.



  • Mr. Bill Brock

    Bill Brock
    Football Head Coach