Welcome to Middleton Viking Choir

  • The choral program at Middleton High School offers a variety of choir classes that can welcome and challenge any student, no matter their skill level or experience. Una Voce is our Freshman choir where we dedicate rehearsal time to basic concepts to create a core understanding of choral terms and concepts. These fundamentals will be a tremendous benefit to the students for the rest of their high school career. The Nordic Concert Choir is an intermediate, non auditioned choir. This choir goes on tour every other year and is a great place for students that like to sing and enjoy the learning process with their peers. Anima Mea is the auditioned women's choir. This choir is expected to learn and perform high levels of music while maintaining model behavior and respect towards each other. The Middleton Madrigals is the top auditioned mixed choir. This choir undergoes an intense try-out to ensure that the legacy of high quality music continues. Musicianship and attitude are equally important. The FX Show Choir is an auditioned mixed choir that combines the mediums of dance and singing. Auditions for each group are held in May for the following year. Feel free to contact Mr. Child with any questions.