Welcome to Middleton Viking Color Guard

  • Imagine ballet, plus gymnastics, plus drill team,plus cheerleading. Multiply that by marching band. Now add flying swords and rifles. Middleton High School Color Guard under the direction of Coach Heather Seilhamer and Asst. Coach and choreographer Mariah Seilhamer, is a team of individuals who work together as a group to accomplish goals. They make lifelong friends with both their fellow members and the members of the Marching Band. Each girl that comes through our program works hard and achieves a unique high school experience. As our motto states, “It doesn't’t get easier. You just get better.” As a team, a single unit, and a family, we work hard, have fun, and give a performance worth remembering. Many girls who have come through the program have gone on to do great things with their lives and many more will continue to do so.