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From Superintendent

  • Dear MSD Students, Parents and Staff,

    Just when I thought we had rounded the corner on snow days, another storm strikes.  I want to use this email to pass along a few thoughts going forward.
    All of us being out of our routine due to the weather creates a bit of stress and anxiety.  I know students, parents and teachers want school to get back in session with a full slate of classes and activities.  We will all get through this disruptive weather easier when we extend some patience and grace.
    Previously I had shared that Middleton School District far exceeds the number of instructional hours required by the State of Idaho.  For the most part, that remains the case, however I am spending this time at the end of the week calculating and re-calculating our missed days and the impact on our instructional hours.  I'll be meeting with principals upon their return to confirm our up-to-date status after today's cancellation.  Once I have met with them, I will let you know where we stand at the moment and if any plans or adjustments to our calendar are necessary.
    Thank you for your support and patience as we all endure this relentless winter.  I will get back to you with additional information once our teachers, principals and staff return.
    Dr. M

About Atlas

  • Atlas Staff


    Atlas is a 7th-12th grade alternative school pleased to be able to offer an exceptional educational experience to all of our students.  We believe in creating an educational environment which enables students who have previously struggled in a traditional school  setting to flourish and reach post secondary success. In our smaller school, our students report they feel cared about and teachers are there to really help them.

    At Atlas we believe that student success is closely related to development of character traits. We have adapted the following as our habits related to respect, accountability, and perseverance.

    Atlas School Habits of Success

    1. Growth Mindset               
    2. Decision Making
    3. Work and Time Management
    4. Self-Regulation 
    5. Social Skills & Awareness