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  • CapEd Grant Winner! 

    Classroom Protractors (Click here)  

    Anne Gigray Kinley – Mill Creek Elementary School


    With the use of this particular protractors students are able to have a better understanding of angles, rays, line segments and what 360 degrees actually looks like. With the use of these protractors teachers can actually use art time to instruct all needed geometry standards. There are several different art lessons that teach skills and also create amazing works of art (parabolas etc.)


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  • Welcome to the NEW Middleton School District website!

    We are excited to launch the page and believe this will lead students, parents, patrons and those looking to live and work in Middleton to discover more about our schools.  Our goal is to be as transparent as possible and promote an open and welcoming relationship using a variety of platforms.  We want our website to be a one stop experience so you can review your children's grades, review the calendar, get to know and communicate with our outstanding teachers and staff, and learn more about our mission, programs, and resources.

    As with any dynamic website there are areas we will continue to update and improve.  Our host is with SchoolWires/Blackboard which also provides a parent and staff notification program.  It will be necessary for you to register with our new host as we transition away from one notification system to our new one.

    Please click here for more information about our New website!  

    Our IT Department and the entire district staff have worked hard these three months in developing the NEW Middleton School District website.  Enjoy!

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